I'm having issues playing the videos! Help!

We recommend using mpv, which is free, open-source, and cross-platform to work on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. mpv is recommended not only because it works by default with a variety of video formats, but because its default settings properly handle displaying 10-bit video in a way that avoids creating banding and other ugliness.

About Us

Who are you?

We encode anime Blu-ray releases into AV1 videos and then throw subtitles on them.

Where does the name come from?

It's a combination of The Dollars from Durarara!! and the video codec Daala.

Given that, will you encode any shows using Daala?

No. Unfortunately, Daala is a codec that will likely never hit the mainstream. It primarily ended up being a research codec. However, many of the new encoding techniques from Daala have been applied to AV1, and many Daala developers are now actively working on tooling for AV1 encoding.

Why are you doing this?

Because we can.

Do you have a release schedule?

No. We will release series as they are finished. AV1 encoding is still slow, so each series may take some time.

How do you decide which series to encode?

Completely arbitrarily.

Why are there no comment fields on your site?

To avoid spam and also because our goal isn't to create a community, it's to create content.

Are you going to get a banner or anything to make the site not look like it was made in 20 minutes?

Probably soon.

Is there any way to request a series or report an issue with a torrent?

You can send an email to We will not reply to emails, but we will track requests and fix reported issues as reasonable. Keep in mind that this is a hobby--nobody gets paid for this shit, so we'll do what we damn well please.

Can I donate or help out in any other way?

We are not currently accepting new members. We may investigate accepting donations, but need to find a reliable payment provider. Paypal is a dogshit, criminal company, so we will never use them.